Modafinil is well known drug in Europe sold under the name Modiodal. SunPharma modalert is a 2-nd modafinil brand. Unfortunately due to an import laws Modafinil is controlled substance and there are only few vendors on the whole modafinil market who can ship within EU.

One of them is Eumodafinil, the company offering the best price for within-the-eu delivery. There are several India based vendors, like Sumodalert or Nztdrugs where customer from Srbija, Crna Gora and Hrvatska can buy modafinil online with direct shipping from India. This way one may get modafinil products for the cheaper rates. If you buy medicine directly from India it is strongly recommended to not buy more than 90 pills at once. 3months supply is a maximum available amount for import in post of the EU countries. The whole list of modafinil suppliers is given here:

If package is taken by customs, these restrictions can be applied for customers from Srbija, Crna Gora and Hrvatska. The best way to avoid any problems with customs is to acquire  a script for this medicines beside the case when medicine you order is marked as “non-prescription” in your country.

The list of modafinil brands acceptable for delivery to Srbija, Hrvatska and Crna Gora are Modalert and Waklert by SunPharma and Modvigil and Artvigil from Signature.