Although a number of vendors will sell Modafinil online with direct shipping from India,  purchasing from these such sellers isn’t recommended if you are located in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium or Spain.
There is an inherent risk in such transactions as these such providers may not guarantee the delivery of your order. They will likely ship an order to you but you may never even receive the goods you have ordered. Even if your order is shipped and arrives to your local customs, there is a risk for your item to be retained by customs.

There are large numbers of providers of Modafinil ( Modalert, Modvigil, Modafil, Modafresh, Artvigil, Waklert and other brands) located in India and other countries where regulations are less stringent. It is almost impossible to buy modafinil directly from India. There is a chance that your product may be delayed or even seized and destroyed at the border and you will receive any form of compensation from the vendor, even in the rare case that the product is returned to them.

People do report successful online orders, but the potential for complications and disappointment is very real. There are only few modafinil vendors like EUmodafinil  able to ship within Europe with no risk of customs seizure. Most of the India legit online vendors do not offer direct shipping shipping to France, Germany, Austria, Belgium or Spain. They recommend to use Skypax forwarding service located in the UK.  This way there is a 100% possibility to get your order delivered.

Modafinil in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain

Skypax fee is kind a costly (about 60 eur/shipment) however in case of larger orders you may get Modafinil for a seriously reduced price (around 1 eur/pill or even less)

List of the cheapest Modafinil vendors offering skypax:

Company Brands price / pill Shipping cost
Sunmodalert Modalert, Modvigil 0.8$/pill free
Medsforbitcoin Modalert Modafil 0.93$/pill free
Onedollarthings Modalert Modafil 1$/pill free