{:en}Despite being a legal transaction in the country of origin, when the product is exported and arrives at the border where the buyer lives, local laws will apply. As a result, in many countries purchasing a drug from an online pharmacyis only legal if the receiver has a legitimate prescription from their regular doctor. Such kind of countries are Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico and China. Although enforcement of these laws has a reputation for inconsistency, it is important to be aware of the law in your home country before making any purchases.

According to many reviews from the sources connected to Modafinil and it’s shipping to various countries, shipping to Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico and China is absolutely impossible if you don’t have prescription for your order. There is no matter where your Modafinil came from. If you use forwarding service like skypax or reship.com there still a high possibility an order will be retained by customs. There is no matter if it is shipped from India or from the UK or US, if you are in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico and China there is a 99% possibility item will be held up in customs.  Customs will send a letter asking to provide a prescription for any drug. You must have it to make your order released and delivered to  you.

Modafinil in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico and China

Many customers are happy to buy modafinil online. Numerous online vendors are happy to ship Modafinil without any proof of a prescription from buyers. It is imperative that the track record of any pharmacy is established before purchasing.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR CHINA USERS: There are some online pharmacies like Sunmodalert or Healthpink who offer shipping to HongKong. Since HonkKong is very close to China we assume it is possible to bring it in hands or use forwarding service located in HK.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR Brazil, Argentina and South Africa. There are many stores offering reship.com forwarding service located in the US, they claim that use of forwarding service (instead of direct shipping from India to your country ) will cause successful delivery to your doorsteps. According to many reviews it’s not true. Often reship.com itself refuse to forward packages containing Modafinil to elsewhere. Even if package is successfully shipped from the US there are same chance of non-delivery.