Due to a fact that many UK citizens are of India origin the UK-India postal communication is very fast with the highest  volume of international correspondence. This all makes modafinil next day delivery option unnecessary for the UK.

According to many reviews on https://www.reddit.com/r/sunmodalert/ , the most popular India-UK shipper, standard delivery time for Airmail package takes 7-10 days, while EMS may take even 5 days to be delivered.

Here you can find a complete vendors list.

However there is still a high demand on the overnight delivery of modafinil in the UK. In fact, overnight shipping of modafinil within the UK is impossible. Every online pharmacy require from 24 to 48 hours needed for: shipping address correction, possible cancellation, order packaging  and dispatch process. So even if one take UK shipper like EuModafinil who ships from the uk, the earliest possible delivery time is 3 days minimum. Not one or even two…

If you still want to order modafinil in the UK with next day delivery, and refuse to take 3 – 4 day options, you can stick with your local vendors. In the largest cities of the UK like Sheffield, Bristol, London  Birmingham  Liverpool,  Nottingham or Glasgow there are local city forums or free advertisements where local modafinil vendor could be found.