There are more than 5500 online pharmacies located in California.
One can buy Provigil ( modafini l) under prescription at C V S ,  Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid Corporation  and other popular pharmacies  located in the major California cities such as: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco. Another option is generic alternatives available at the online stores. There are many modafinil brands produced in India such as Modvigil, Modafresh, Modapro and of course Modalert.


Modalert  is  a perfect eugeroic supplement created by Sun Pharma. It contains an active ingredient modafinil.  Modalert  is a generic, labeled version of the popular eugeroic drug called Modafinil. If you’ve never heard of this drug, it is normal, it is commonly sold in the UK and India. Due to word by word advertisement, this drug become very popular in the North America. Modafinil can be purchased online from over the counter online pharmacies.

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Indian pharmacies  advertise  Modafinil online in 100mg and 200mg tablets. Nootropic users like Modalert a lot and buy it to avoid the high prices of Provigil (which can reach  the maximum amount as $50 for tablet,  while there is no insurance coverage). Customers  from Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco can order modafinil online through one of the online pharmacies based in the UK or India.
Modalert is accessible in 100mg and 200mg dosages. Modalert 200 is more powerfull drug and thus more popular among California users.


Modafinil has many risks and benefits associated with it, and we recommend that you learn more about the drug before purchasing it. Adrafinil is good for those who work long, abnormal hours, for the reasons that it can temporarily boost awareness and vigilance. It does have a risk, though, and it has a bad effect on the liver- because of this, we recommend that you use this only when it is absolutely needed, to mitigate damage on the liver.