Those who buy Modafinil from an online pharmacy often do so in search of the cognitive enhancement the drug may provide. In some countries, patients are allowed to import small amounts of Modafinil from international pharmacies while in other countries a zero tolerance policy has been adopted. Some countries may only allow you to purchase Modafinil after a prescription has been provided from a medical doctor.

Some people may not realize that it can be easier to order their prescription medications online, as opposed to the dreaded wait in line at a local pharmacy.

It is very straightforward to make repeat purchases once you have found an online pharmacy that you are happy to deal with, but in the first instance, it is vitally important to be certain you are dealing with a well-regarded company that can be trusted to provide a quality medical product.

Buying Modafinil online from an internet pharmacy in the UK, US and Australia or Europe can open up a host of generic versions of the drug for purchase, allowing you to avoid the premium Modafinil price.

To Buy or Not to Buy?
When searching “Modafinil sellers” online, there are huge numbers of results. There are vast amounts of sellers vying for the chance to fulfill your prescription, plus sellers who will sell Modafinil without a prescription.
Purchasing Modafinil from a large well-established online pharmacy is always advisable for those with a prescription, as they are almost always reliable and safe. SEE MODAFINIL GUIDE BELOW:


Key factors that should be considered are as follows:
(1) Quality may vary significantly between Modafinil tablets from a range of online suppliers. It is important to find one that can be trusted. If we take into consideration various reviews from Facebook, reddit, Bulletproof and other sources one  find Modalert 200 by SunPharma is the most popular drug among users form US, UK and Australia.
(2) Regardless of whether it is legal to buy Modafinil online without a prescription in the country you are ordering from (such as India), local laws often stipulate the need for a prescription from a qualified medical doctor.
(3) Modafinil imports from online pharmacies are can often be seized at the border and delayed or even stopped from reaching the recipient. This is mostly connected to some Europe countries , South America and Asia. In these countries there is much variation in the enforcement of such laws and as a result a small number individuals purport to making successful online purchases of Modafinil.

Where to buy modafinil online?

Below there is a list of reliable modafinil vendors in the UK, US, Australia and Europe:

How to buy?

Don’t you just hate it when you spot a great Modafinil deal online but are hesitant about making a purchase due to a lack of familiarity with the retailer offering the deal? Sadly, this is a regular complaint for online shoppers and inevitably results in missed savings when trying to avoid problems with dodgy online stores. Some consumers will buy everything from Modafinil vendor they know very well. This can be a mistake, as many other stores offer significantly better prices particularly for generic medicines from India..

It’s important to be wary when making purchases online from a new store. There are many stories of bad experiences. A friend of a friend once purchased 300 pills at once. He chose the online dealer who offered the best price on the internet. Unfortunately the deal was too good to be true and online store was down few days after he made his purchase. Thankfully, after a long and tiresome process with his bank, he was able to recover the money spent, but not everyone is so fortunate.

To ascertain whether or not a company is legitimate and deserving of your custom, use this step-by-step guide:

1. Thoroughly browse their website. Does itcontain numerous errors? This should set alarm bells ringing. Are there spelling errors or obvious copy-pasting? Get back on the search engine!

2. Check with co-workers and family or make a post on social media to see if anyone in your network has experience buying from the store.

3. Ensure that the site has a clearly stated return policy, refund policy, warranty or guarantee. Any site without this information should be avoided!

4. Any site you make a purchase from should use “SSL” (https) on the billing page or Secure Checkout. If SSL isn’t used then your payment details may be vulnerable to hacks by fraudsters.

5. Read a number of reviews online and check the website’s rating on a few trusted review sites . The most popular Modafinil sources among USA UK and Aaustralia are,, Try and find a website that carefully moderates reviews but has a significant number of reviews for each online store. Consumers should be cautious as many reviews will be written directly following a purchase, rather than once the product has arrived.

6. Check to see if the site has clearly identifiable contact information including a phone number and physical address. If a site isn’t forthcoming about their business address, this should be a red-flag.

7. Look for a newsletter or email sign-up form on the site. If a company has thought about such marketing practices, they are more likely to be legitimate and not scammers.

8. Call or email the customer service department to see if you receive a response. However, this is not a guarantee of trustworthiness and legitimacy! But it will bring few more points to a company.

9. Google the store you’re thinking of using along with “complaints.” (‘StoreName’ complaints)

10. Check if the online store gives proper product information, such as specifications or measurements for clothing. Compare against known safe sites which offer the brand you’re interested in; it should be easy to notice if they have been ‘cut and pasted’ to the site you want to use. If this is the case, look for an alternative store.

11. Does the site accept the usual range of payment methods? If an online store allows you to pay with a credit card, this is generally a good sign of reliability.

12. Does the online store utilise any third-party payment solutions such as Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, Square, or Visa’s If a site supports a wide range of payment types they are likely to be more legitimate.

13. What is the store’s social media presence like? Most reputable online stores will have a Facebook and/or Twitter page. Check them for posts; if a company is taking the time to make regular social media posts this is often a good sign!

14. Any online store you use should have a clearly visible privacy policy and security safeguards.

15. Keep an eye out for hidden fees and surprise shipping costs when making a purchase. All costs should be transparent on an online store.

If the online store you’re looking at meets all of the above criteria and you feel confident in making a purchase from them, here are some tips to ensure a smooth transaction:

• Use a credit card, not a debit card when making your online purchase. This will usually limit your potential losses to $50.

• Print out and make a digital backup of the order confirmations and keep an eye out for a shipping confirmation email and tracking information if applicable.

• Check your credit card statement to make sure that the correct amount is charged. If there are any differences, contact the seller and your card provider immediately.

To be certain that you have found a reliable online store, check multiple reviews from different sites online and check through the safe online shopping checklist above.




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